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Photographic Styles

Jan 30, 2014

When planning your wedding, there are so many choices to be made and one of the most important is the photographer. Your wedding photos will last a lifetime and beyond; they will be a wonderful visual reminder that will evoke memories long after the event. It’s great to get an idea of the style of photography you would like and meet your chosen photographer more than once to make sure that their style reflects you as a couple and your day.

Here’s our quick guide to wedding photography styles - feel free to contribute a comment below too!


Classic / Traditional

What is this? Traditional photography would usually consist of formal poses (bride and groom, bride and bridesmaids, groom’s family, bride’s family, couple cutting the cake) and quite a lot of instruction from the photographer. They will most likely run to a reasonably strict timetable. This classic style is not as in vogue as in the past, which usually means that it may well gain popularity again in future years.



What is this? A contemporary-style wedding photographer will be a lot more informal than a traditional one. Although you will still usually have the expected posed photos - bride and groom, immediate family, etc. they will be taken in a more relaxed way and you may find they take photos in more unusual places that they think will make a more interesting photo.


Documentary style

What is this? The photographer will quite often just try to blend in with the wedding party and take photos throughout the day - when everyone is getting ready, the bride and bridesmaids having a glass of champagne and getting into the car right through to the end. You might not even notice them taking the images which can make it a nice surprise when you have returned from your honeymoon and realise that the day went so quickly, you get to relive all the day, not just the ceremony. You may not get as many of the traditional set family photographs - this may be something you would have to specify if you really want them.




Automated / Guest Photography

What is this? Especially with the improvements in technology and the photographer’s lightroom becoming redundant almost all wedding photographers work with digital cameras. Whilst this means that the images can be edited and printed more quickly, it also means that photos can be printed instantly by some suppliers. We’ve seen mobile phone booths in vans (and one in Tasmania in a Kombi!) to temporary in-situ photo booths, complete with props being set up at wedding receptions for guests to take their own images. This is a fully modernised version of the tried and tested method of putting disposable cameras on guests’ tables. See Glam Photo Booths.

Well if that’s got you in the mood to shop for Melbourne wedding photographers, get stuck in here!


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