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Flowers-Vasette-logo.jpgEstablished in 1989, boutique florist Flowers Vasette has long been recognised as a Melbourne retail icon, delivering flowers throughout the Melbourne metropolitan region. Their merchandising and floral artistry have earned them a reputation for aesthetic distinction.

Inside the store, a large team of florists create designs that challenge traditional floristry, whilst maintaining a respect for top quality workmanship. Their florists have trained in Australia and internationally with some of the world’s leading florists.

The force behind this vibrant store is energetic businesswoman Cherrie Miriklis. Her acute sense of popular appeal has led to her being recognised as one of Australia’s leading trendsetters in the floral industry. Cherrie’s expertise, infectious enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and talented team provide Flowers Vasette with an important edge that has situated Flowers Vassette amongst Australia’s best within the industry.

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Website: flowersvasette.com.au

Facebook: Flowers Vasette on Facebook

Twitter: twitter.com/FlowersVasette